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Have you ever wondered if there was a place where gods lived and how their city would look if they had one? If you have you’re in luck because you will be reading about the “Lost City of Atlantis”. 350 BC, Plato wrote about an island in the Atlantic Ocean that eventually went under the sea. People have been looking for Atlantis for many years. Plato wrote about what it was like to live in Atlantis, he describes the Atlanticians as great engineers and architects. It had palaces, harbors, temples and docks. The capitol was built on a hill and had a lot of rings around it full with water. These were connected to Canals big enough for a ship to sail through that connected to the ocean. Plato wrote about huge fields outside the capitol where the farmers grew the cities food. Past the farmers fields there were mountains where the wealthy villagers lived. Plato went into detail about the amazing buildings; it had cold and hot fountains, dining halls and stone walls covered with precious metal. He described it as a peaceful utopia. For thousands of years Atlantis was just a story no one...

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