Article Bibliography On The Globalization Of Zoontonic Diseases

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1. Summary- This article was about “one health” which combines multiple disciplines to communicate and work together, such as veterinarians, medical practitioners, biologists, and public health professionals. Also the paper discussed the globalization of zoontonic diseases and how they are affecting humans. Humans have been affected by zoontonic diseases such as H5N1, s bird flu. Also there have been other diseases globally that have impacted humans affecting our trade, and food products. Disease interactions are very important for our understanding and management of them. There was also a cultural viewpoint discussed in which culture is said to be a fundamental part of human life and therefore cannot be separated from its biophysical environment. Thus the articles
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This article was well rounded and covered a lot of important discussions and management ideas. The only thing I believe this article was lacking was pictures, foreshadowing the globalization of the diseases. With the pictures, I believe it would have provided a representation of how many diseases there are and the impact it has globally to draw in more of an audience to learn about the issues. Also I believe this paper could have benefited from more examples about the impacts of disease.
5. Understanding Major- This paper helped me understand more about biology in that biology covers all living organisms form a virus to humans. Biology is global and covers how the environment is impacted by the problem at hand and tries to find are solution for everything involved. Also, I learned that biology is a part of every study, you just have to know where to look, it is a key to process that work as a fundamental building block. Furthermore, it helped me understand that diseases also affect the environment in which an organism lives, and that is what relationship biologist research.
6. Understanding
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