Veterinary Medicine: My Passion For Veterinary Medicine

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“But it’s mooing from both ends!” Although an unlikely observation for a 13-year-old from Brooklyn, nothing seemed more appropriate when staring down the rear end of a dystocic, hip-locked Holstein for the first time. The farm manager’s colorful language conveyed her concern: the complication was due to the calf’s large size, that typical of a male, which would have no place on the dairy farm and yet was putting at risk the farm’s prized Holstein. With the ropes secured to the front legs of the calf, the farm manager yelled for help. I immediately jumped in, pulling with each contraction to the distressed mooing of the dam and the profanity of the farmer. In a single motion the calf was released from its estrogenic incarceration. A great collective sigh of relief reverberated throughout the barn, quickly followed by a gasp: the unruly birth of a supposedly defunct calf yielded the largest heifer The Putney School farm had seen in years.…show more content…
Since that birthing I have immersed myself in a spectrum of veterinary settings: from the zoo to the lab, from the farm to the urban clinic. My efforts have fostered an ever-evolving understanding of and respect for both the medical elements of the veterinary practice and the far-reaching responsibility of the veterinarian in the global community. Some of these countless junctions include public safety, agricultural stability, particularly in subsistence farming regions, community education, and relevance to human medicine. My experiences in this unusually wide range of contexts have cultivated awareness, versatility, responsibility, and dedication that, together with continually honed clinical skills, have prepared me to be an exemplary member of the veterinary

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