Arranged Marriage And Arranged Marriage

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Many people believe that couples cannot love each other in an arrange marriage. However, I completely disagree with the idea. I feel people who arranged marriage they do fall in love it just takes time because they do not know each other. Just like in love marriage it takes people time to get married because they are unsure if they are ready or not. In love marriage, some people get married to each other after 10 years. I have seen many arrange marriage that had been successful and the couples are in love and happy.
I am an Indian whose family is very traditional. As many people know when you hear the word “Indian” it means arranged marriage. Everyone in my family has had an arranged marriage except for one couple. My parents had arranged
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Well my cousin who is very modern and grew up here also got arrange marriage. After college, my cousin had firmly established himself in a good career; he felt like he was ready to get married. Yes, at first he was scared to marry someone who he doesn’t even know. So his parents decided to show him a couple of girls that he can pick from. So my sister-in-law was the second girl that his parents picked for him. So when my cousin gets to my sister-in-law’s house, my sister-in-law entered the room about 10 minutes later. My cousin was struck by her smile and her gracious mannerisms. She appeared confident as she sat across from him, but all we could do is engage in some polite conversation. Her sisters and friends and my entourage of two eagerly listened to every word. Soon enough, however, our attendants seemed to fade into the background. My cousin and sister-in-law quietly connected. According to my cousin “she was beautiful, with dark hair and green eyes and an almost luminescent glow to her.” Mostly he loved that smile. They got married in 2 months, and few years later they had two girls. One is 2 years old and other one was born two weeks ago.
People who have got arrange marriage are living happily after marriage because they invested lot in knowing each other, their interests, likes, dislikes and also they make some sacrifices to make their relation better. My parents who got married
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