Arranged Marriages in India, Japan and the Elizabethan Era

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Arranges marriages have had a successful yet oppressive impact on the World’s society since the Elizabethan Era. They have been most commonly found in the eastern cultures such as India and Japan. In the western culture it used to be extremely popular during the Elizabethan Era. As though it seems today that a marriage is to seal the love one has for another, having an arranged marriage is as if sealing a contract with your parents. Arranged marriages influence the societies that use them by providing wealth, money, and power to the couples and their families even if the marriage is unjust.

An arranged marriage is where the parents are obligating the future newly-weds to marry someone whom they have possibly never met before with no say being taken into consideration (Zuffoletti 1). “Marriages would be arranged to bring prestige or wealth to the family. The children of landowners would be expected to marry to increase the size of the acreage” (Alchin 1). Usually another purpose why arranged marriages occurred were due to the fact that ‘parents know best’ and are better equipped at finding a soul mate with the same interests and are more compatible to you (Ros 1). Furthermore, “During the Elizabethan Era there were a plethora of family alliances formed by arranged marriages” (Tiers 1). Reasons of this I am not sure why but that adds up to a reason on why many families had arranged marriages for their child (children).

Arranged marriages were arranged by both sides of the families so they could both be benefited with wealth. This force gave the Elizabethan women very little choice in who they were to marry. In almost all cases the brides did not meet their spouses until their wedding day. The wedding day of a woman is the most i...

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