Arizona's Laws on Immigration

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Arizona's Laws on Immigration Works Cited Not Included In the article titled "Dying to Work" there is an excellent quote given by Rep. Kolbe says, “There are no two countries in the world that share a border where the economic disparities are greater than between the U.S. and Mexico.” (AZ Republic, 2002) My paper draws on the information from the “Worldwide Refugee Information: Country Report: Mexico” written in 2000 and the article titled “Dying to Work: The Arizona Republic” written in 2001. Both of these articles give numerous information about the Mexican Immigrants and refugees. I am focusing on the illegal Mexican immigrants as well as refugees that enter the U.S. through refugee status, because living in Arizona, there are many immigrants and refugees from Mexico that we see walking down the street. They are trying to come across the boarder to the United States. These immigrants and refugees come in search for a better life, not only for themselves, but for their families as well. Mexico is full of poverty and trying to find a good paying job in Mexico is slim to none. People depend on their family members that come across to the United States to support them. In this paper I will compare and contrast these two articles, trying to give you a better scope of how difficult things are for refugees and illegal immigrants that come to the U.S. from Mexico, in search for hope.. According to the USCR (U.S. Committee for Refugees) (2002), by the end of 2001, there were approximately 6,200 refugees or asylum seekers in need of protection from Mexico, and 142 were actually granted asylum during that year. This means that many of those refugees that were not granted asylum, had to come across to the Un... ... middle of paper ... ...uestion asked by the AZ Republic (2003), “What would happen if all the illegal immigrants were deported tomorrow?” I’m sure that our economy would be in a uproar and many companies would be out of business. Therefore, I will end this paper hoping that each of you will reconsider what you think about illegal immigrants and refugees that enter into the U.S. I firmly believe that the U.S. is what it is, because of immigrants, remember that most our ancestors were once immigrants as well. Some Americans are giving a double standard to immigrants and refugees, basically believing that is was alright for their ancestors to enter illegally, but nit for others. I believe that it is time for a change and only we can start that change, by leaving the border open for other immigrants and more refugees to enter and try to make a better life for themselves and their family.
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