Analysis Of Immigration In Crossing Arizona

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The basic want for many individuals is to have a better life. Regardless of our socioeconomic status, family background, ethnicity, and so on; we are all trying to improve upon at least one facet of our current situation, in some aspect. Yet, some of toughs who live in the United States take for granted the vast opportunities presented to them. The extreme obliviousness of these individuals, gives them negative biases about immigrants, especially the numerous that cross illegally. In Crossing Arizona, it opens your eyes to the struggles of those crossing the border. Told from both sides, those effected by the illegal immigrants and the illegal immigrants themselves, you can see where the many problems lie. When watching this movie, I was appalled…show more content…
Therefore, instead of focusing on increased border security, deportation, and the hunting down of illegals, wasted recourses could go to other ways for possible solutions to this problem. Still, the perhaps millions of dollars spent on all of these activities could be redirected in a more positive manner. Nevertheless, these funds could be used to help Mexico’s, economy, job opportunities, and health care. Furthermore, if more support was given in these areas there would be less reason for immigrants to cross the boarder illegally. Another possible solution would be to implement or change a policy regarding immigration and make it and overall easier process. Moreover, it is hard to say what those would do if they were in these immigrants situations. Often, we are too stuck in one view point, not looking from the perception of…show more content…
For instance, many of those living in Arizona feel that problems are caused by immigration when really it is caused by other faults in the government. Similarly, one of the main activists for increased boarder security said by doing this they would be keeping the criminals and drug dealers out. In reality most of those that cross the border are good people and there will always be criminals, their ethnicity is completely irrelevant. Crossing Arizona, also made the excellent point of there will always be some focus on a minority causing issues for the United States, the ethnicities just change over

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