Argumentative Essay On Taking Selfies

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Over the year’s technology has been becoming part of people’s lives. Individuals have smartphone devices with them upon every daily event. Furthermore, front cameras have been developed in smartphones; where one can take a selfie more effectively. An individual can press a simple button on the phone and share with family or friends the events that are occurring around them or about themselves by directly messaging them or uploading them on social media. Although taking selfies can have a simple and pleasant way of sharing pictures, it can cause severe risks to many individuals that are “Selfie” takers. Selfie taking eventually gets out of control when adolescents tend to take many selfies to upload on social media. The majority of the time…show more content…
As explained before, individuals want attention and acceptance. In order to receive acceptance and attention they take pictures that may hurt them. For example: taking pictures in front of the train tracks. The possibility there is that a train may come out of nowhere and hurt the individual. Many terrible events have occurred based of selfie taking because individuals do not familiarize themselves with the area. They do not pay attention for any alarming signs that signal for danger. (ADD THE EXAMPLES OF THE ADOLECENTS ALMOST BEING HIT) Another dangerous possibility that can occur based on selfie taking is hurting family relationships or uploading pictures that may show too much skin and give others the wrong idea and cause a bad action from others. Individuals need to pay attention to their love ones and the areas where pictures are being taken, and be more alarming to what kind of pictures are being…show more content…
A study was conducted based on the effects certain photos would bring to an individuals. The three types of photos were: a smiling selfie, a picture of something that made them happy, and something that they believed would make another individual happy. According Hey Sigmund to individuals felt more confident and comfortable after taking these pictures. Participants felt less stress and appreciated that they could take pictures creatively. Also, they found themselves happier after taking a selfie were they would fake smile. This can send signals to the physiological response that increases the mood into a positive reaction (Young). I disagree with this article or study that has been done to participants. The reason is because taking selfies can lead to over taking selfies and can become stressful for individuals to take the perfect picture. They think they are taking a picture without trying to fix it, but unconsciously they are changing the brightness, moving a certain angle, smiling a certain way. This can make an individual addicted to taking many selfies, because they are fixing the picture unconsciously. This is important because it shows that taking pictures can affect the way an individual can easily think they are becoming happy and confident, but it is the opposite. They are becoming more aware that on social media there are “better pictures” then

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