Argumentative Essay On Education For Aliens

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Education for Aliens In recent times, there has been a major controversy regarding the legal rights of the offspring’s of illegal immigrants in the United States of America. Not all children of the world get the opportunity to receive proper education. Many countries can afford to require education, thus many children fail to receive basic education. The United States of America uses taxpayer money to pay for the public schools that provide children education up to the twelfth grade. Since the parents of the offspring are illegal they would not pay taxes, thus they would not contribute to the school systems. Many people see this as an advantage and feel it is unfair considering the parents are not citizens of the United States of America.…show more content…
Both sides agree that education is a need for children to have a good life. People who lack basic education, such as a high school diploma, tend to have limited options regarding careers they wish to pursue. In order for a person to achieve their maximum potential, in the United States of America, they need to pursue getting a college level education. Although, education past grade twelve, in the United States, is not free getting a high school diploma does give individuals a wider range of job careers.. Both sides also agree that it is unfair for one group of individuals to cheat the government. Cheating the government means to take advantage of things such as food stamps, welfare, and many other government supplied organizations. Many times people lie and take advantage, or cheat, the system. Finally, both sides agree that the budget for public education has had a major decline. In recent years, schools have had to make hard decisions to accommodate the budget cuts. Some schools stopped using all their lights while others went as far as to firing teachers. There are many things both sides can find common ground on when discussing this
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