Argumentative Essay On Concealed Weapons

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Some people own a gun for their own safety. Yet, one of the things they can rely on for protection and defense may jeopardize many lives around them. A college campus is very populated which may increase the likelihood of a gun theft, and could fall into the wrong hands. Campuses provide security who are always ready and prepared for any danger, meaning it is avoidable for anyone other than them to carry weapons. Concealed carry is not appropriate on college campuses because nor is it only unnecessary, but may also result in a situation that can quickly escalate, creating a greater chance of causing more harm than not carrying a concealed weapon. David Skorton and Glenn Altschuler’s article, mention that homicide is the second leading cause of death for college-age individuals. The article also brings up the Virginia Tech shooting and quoted David Bernett when he said “The current rules guarantee criminals a free shot. Allowing licensed concealed carry would give potential attackers pause and ultimately give innocent victims a fighting chance” (Paragraph 6). Although Bernett makes a good point, his argument is inadequate. Regina G. Lawson, who is the chief of police at Wake Forest University, made a smart remark, “When you’re responding to a situation like that, and someone’s in plain …show more content…

They don’t think it is the guns that are the problem but believe that it depends on the type of college ones attends. They argued against the topic that students feel uncomfortable in college with their peers carrying a gun. They say that there is much more pressure outside of college with tons of people with a gun, so college should be no different. College, as well as anywhere, is supposed to be an environment where students express themselves without the fear of being shot (paragraph

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