Arab Spring, Religion, and Political Systems

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The Social events that jump started the Arab spring would later on be remembered as a historical event; that would eventually lead to them observing or embracing a form of constitutional theocracy. Now this depending on what country and political system they embrace can be a good thing if they are offering all of their citizens the freedom to choose something other than the religion that is represented by the government they are living under. According to Hirschl religion and the belief in G-d has made a big comeback and I for one have to agree with him on that; we can see this not only during the Arab spring but also in other areas of the world.
This can be either a good thing or a bad thing for the countries that the Arab spring because in most of the places where this revolution took place have been known for oppressing the people with a very extreme view of religious beliefs; specifically the Islamic extremists groups like Hamas and the Muslim brotherhood. These type of religious groups have a one sided belief and do not respect any faith or belief outside of theirs; they strongly oppose them to a point that the ideology of being superior over everyone else as if G-d loves them more than the rest of which has resulted them in killing Coptic Christians in Egypt during the beginning of the Arab spring along with terrorizing Muslims living there that won’t agree that having Muslim brotherhood controlling their Egyptian government through sharia law.
Hirschl points out that Egypt has given a lot support recently with the Muslim brotherhood I believe this is the case because most Muslims in Egypt think they will do right by them or they want them in power due to the fact they agree with all their ultra-religious views. The point ...

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...of Constitutional Theocracy that would best suit the Arab spring is that of the pure essence of a constitutional theocracy where they operate within the strict bounds of a written constitution by the newly established gov’t.

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