Ap World History Dbq Essay

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Most people these days care the most about their money and wealth, well not much has changed since the 1800’s. The Europeans cared the most about economic wants and needs as well. The Europeans colonized and took over most of Africa in the 1800’s, wanting Africa’s land for many different reasons. European nations competed with one another for control of Africa and colonization.

The Europeans may have seemed like they only cared about the money but they also cared about helping too. The Europeans had a moral duty that they felt they needed to fulfill. In document F, the White Man’s Burden poem says “ Fill full the mouth of famine and bid the sickness cease.” The Europeans felt it was their moral duty to help those in famine and poverty, they also wanted these colonies and smaller countries to try and be like them. The Europeans did not only help Africa they also helped China and India. Their most important motivation for colonization of Africa was their moral duty to help smaller countries. …show more content…

In document A, it shows European colonies holding 7 African colonies, France and Britain holding the most. France colonized more in the North West and Britain's was widely spread. In document B, Ruskin says “ Seizing every piece of fruitful waste ground she can set her foot on, and there teaching these her colonists that their first aim is to be to advance the power of England by land and sea.” This quote shows that England is trying to advance in any land that they can get their hands on, and to gain political power. Also in the second document of document B, Fabri says “It would be wise if Germans would learn about colonial skills from our British cousins and begin a friendly competition.” This exhibits many countries wanting to compete against the British for land and colonization, so they would learn from their skills in order to surpass them in

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