Cannibalism Essay

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The act of cannibalism is sometimes committed as criminal act, and in some blizzard cases survival, which is considered taboo. Cannibalism is the act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other human beings. (Cannibalism, Wikipedia) Plane crashes; shipwrecks and religious ceremonies are assimilated with these acts against humanity. The act of cannibalism has made headlines across boarders in Japan, Australia, Russia, Pacific Island, Siberia and the United States. Therefore, the main question is: Is cannibalism ever acceptable? The dilemma involve, imagine that one waiter, Daley Smith, 18, single and 5 white collar American businessmen, Brian Daley, 36 married, Jim Carey 24, single, Steve Hugo, 28, single,
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Reducing ones happiness would increase utility for five people. Would Utilitarianism agree that it clear that the right thing to do is kill the waiter and eat his body in order to survive the plane crash? Without a doubt, even though Cannibalism, the act or practice of humans eating the flesh or internal organs of other humans is an injustice; it is the right thing to do. (Cannibalism, Wikipedia) For one thing, if we add up all the benefits of the policy, and subtract all the cost, will it produce more happiness than alternative Bentham would ask? (Sandal, 58) Because the decision increases utility then it by principle the right act. Moreover, if all the men decided to starve to death then it would go against Bentham principle of utilitarianism. Knowing there theirs are methods to survival that produces the greatest happiness for the most people and least suffering, Bentham would agree that killing Smith result in maximum…show more content…
Smith, the waiter is a single man that offers nothing to society but his services. He’s an immigrant from Jamaica, whose family abandons him at the young age. On the contrary, the five businesses own huge cooperation throughout the United States and Europe that employs over seven million people. In addition, they are involved in donating to charity and assisting immigrants to jump-start their career. Losing any of these businessmen would be a catastrophic loss to society, causing the unemployment rate to skyrocket and charity organizations to crumble. Moreover, a few businessmen are married with a wife and kids. The family tradition is to pass the wealth and education of their business to their offspring so they can make a constructive impact for millions of people. Killing a person in order to survive is right as long as it maximize the pleasure for the most people and minimize suffering for the most people and cause the society’s overall utility/happiness to
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