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One of the most devastating and forgotten battles of World War II was the battle of Dresden. The book Slaughterhouse Five, narrated by Kurt Vonnegut, attempts to describe the war and its destructiveness. The war provides no advantages to the lives of soldiers and in some ways destroys the mind of the soldier as well. Billy after the war is deceptively successful. He has a good job and a family, while in reality he has no connection with his kids, and most of the time cannot express what is on his mind. The destructiveness of war shown throughout the book causes much harm to the lives of civilians and soldiers after the war. Trauma is one of the most severe effects of the war described in the book. Billy shows many examples of his altered mind due to the war. His experiences with the Tralfamadorians show the effects that war can have on a soldier’s mind. He gains the ability to time travel and go to the planet Tralfamadore which can see into the fourth dimension. “ He told about having come unstuck …show more content…

He has seen so much death all through the war and the bombing of Dresden. In Slaughterhouse Five whenever any living thing dies because of the war, medical reasons or accident the first comment by Billy is “So it goes”. “The real Iron Maiden was a medieval torture instrument, a sort of boiler which was shaped like a women on the outside-and lined with spikes. The front of the women was composed of two hinged doors. The idea was to put a criminal inside and then close the doors slowly. There were two special spikes where his eyes would be. There was a drain at the bottom to let out all the blood. So it goes” (36). One of the most gruesome deaths described in the book has no emotional effect on Billy. The war wipes out the sentimental mindset of death from the minds of Billy and others who experience the destructiveness in

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