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Judith Lorber conveys that the gender is socially constructed in this first chapter of her book. Lorber states that the gender is a man-made creation and it has been handled differently in all societies around the world by their unique norms and manners. According to Lorber, gender is created to sustain the order of how things work in a society. Lorber also articulates that there are gender signs and signals in our lives that are so pervasive. Thus, people receive a message telling everyone that every human being should be placed in a gender status and act in that manner, otherwise they become aberrant. On the other hand, media always have been and always will be the best and the most influential tool in order to transmit messages to the entire world. So, media cover a great part of placing all of those signs and signals all over the world. It answers my research question by indicating gender signs and signals that society and it’s tool, media, created. In that case, this source is not only related to my research but also supportive. In this article, Serkan Gorkemli focuses on Internet based media’s portrayal of LGBT people. On the other hand, Internet’s usage by lesbian and gay activists is the other significant main topic in this article. At first, Gorkemli investigates the denegation of homosexuality by traditional media, such as the printing press and television. After his deep investigations into the traditional media that was neglecting LGBT people, he conveys that television started to portray LGBT people as “gender ‘deviances’. Generally, Gorkemli highlights the role of media in the formation of gender norms and attitudes toward homosexuality. The article is interesting and extremely useful. “Sexuality and Traditional Me... ... middle of paper ... ... to expose what people think about LGBT people when they actually had social contact with them for a while. As a result, Sakalli highlighted that mostly negative stereotypes took place while participants defining homosexual men. On the other way around, participants being college students shows that even well educated citizens of this country do not have an open-minded point of view towards people different than them. How college students think reflects the points of view of future CEOs, presidents and game-changers. Since the media and peer pressure is the best way to subliminally put an idea in someone’s mind, the idea of being gay is wrong was put by Turkish media and society into those college students’ minds when they were just innocent children. In order to support my research, this article is an efficient source, which conveys how people think of LGBT people.
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