Animal Rights

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The Earth is inhabited by living and non living organisms which have to reach an equilibrium as to how they can no-exist without much infringement on the other. Living organism are divided into two major general categories namely plants and animals. In the animal world, human beings are the most advanced creatures on land due to their higher intellect. This has meant that man dominates over all the other animals and plants on Earth. Man uses the organisms to serve his needs in a number of ways that he deems necessary. This has meant that the other members of the animal kingdom serve the whims of man no matter degrading or deplorable the situation is. The aim of this paper is to look at the various ways in which human beings coexist with other animals, explore their rights and establish how these rights are being applied in the current world situation.
Animal rights can be defined as the need for non-human animals to be treated in a fair manner that all human beings are accorded by their customs and law. It further states that these non-human animals should be granted the ability to own their lives and offered the same treatment that any normal human being is given. This is however not the case that is observed all over the world as the non-human animals are made to serve the interests of their human counterparts. Human beings serve their own agendas and thus frustrate the lives of the other animals through servitude and confinement for their own amusement (Peta: People for theEthical Treatment of Animals). Personally, I am of the opinion that non-human animals should be given a level of liberty and be treated fairly so that they may be able to live their lives without putting much strain on themselves or their immediate surround...

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