Animal Farm As An Allegory

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Animal Farm: Allegory Project Compilation Under the proper listing, please add your researched paragraph. Change the font color of your paragraph. Then, in parenthesis after the paragraph, accredit your work with the names of the people in your group. Example: The flag representing Animalism in George Orwell’s book mirrors that of Soviet Communism during the early part of the century. The Animalism flag is green, said to represent the green fields that belong to the animals of England and the land that Old Major inspired them to take for themselves. The Soviet flag’s red color was fashioned with similar intention, as the color red traditionally represents Russia as a country, a country that Marx and Lenin wanted the Russian people overtake and run for themselves. The horn and the hoof can equate to the hammer and the sickle of the Soviet flag, which signifies the working class of the Soviet Union laboring together to create a strong front of leadership, loyalty, and productivity. These goals match those of the working animals on the farm and are similarly symbolized by the icon on their flag. Overall, a flag’s meaning is essentially important to its identity, and it’s a common bond between countrymen. The ideas that are represented by the flag should be something a country takes pride in as reverence for its history and in hopes for its progression and growth. (Ms. Crabb) Napoleon – Stalin In George Orwell's book, Animal Farm, Napoleon shadows Joseph Stalin who was apart of the Russian Revolution. Stalin had used the Revolution to his own advantage to empower himself as a dictator, Napoleon has done the same after the animals revolt to further his power. At the beginning of the Revolution of both Russia and the animals, the... ... middle of paper ... ...e novel, much in the way that the KGB faithfully supported Lenin and Stalin. The Great Purge was a political repression that drove for the fall of government officials. Among this also included bringing down communist parties. It was driven by joseph stalin. Like propaganda squealer specialized in convincing the people what is right and what is wrong. Pravda was a soviet union newspaper that hit it large in the beginning and started to fall afterwards. Pravda was mainly tied to the communist party and higher groups. Squealer was like this in a way that he could convince anyone of anything. Like russia the battle of the windmill did not take place until a move was made on the building/country. russia did not really involve itself in ww2 until 1941 because they were invaded. The battle of the windmill takes place because the humans try to destroy it. (Samuel, Ethan)
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