Essay On Joseph Stalin In Animal Farm

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Griffin Riley 2/20/14 176 ANIMAL FARM Animal Farm teaches about communism because of its characters. Napoleon was based on a famous Russian dictator named Joseph Stalin. The next character is named Snowball, who is based on Leon Trotsky because he was another Russian leader. Between these three characters I, will show the relationship to the animals and real life communism. Napoleon has an obvious relationship between the famous Russian dictator, Joseph Stalin. Joseph Stalin was the dictator of the Soviet Union who is known from the mid 1920’s to 1953. Just like Napoleon, he was a cold heartless dictator who would kill anyone who did not agree with what he had, to say just like napoleon in the book animal farm. Napoleon used lots of violence in order to keep and maintain his leading position in Animal Farm. An example of this can be seen when Napoleon is training the puppies but he is not doing it not for their own education but instead so that they could protect him and eliminate anyone who stands in his way. Another trait of Joseph Stalin that can be seen in Napoleon i...
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