Trotsky’s Involvement in The October Revolution

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Trotsky’s Involvement in The October Revolution

‘Trotsky took a leading role in directing countermeasures for the

soviet, while reassuring the public that his Military Revolutionary

Committee meant only to defend the Congress of Soviets. Trotsky

continued to function as the military leader of the Revolution’

Gerhard Rempel 1998

· The liberals and people loose confidence in Kerensky. So Bolsheviks

gained the majority in the soviet for the first time - more than 50%

in the September elections. They had had only 10% in July.

· Trotsky released from jail become president of St. Petersburg

Soviet. He was supported by the Bolsheviks and the left wing of the

Social Revolutionary party.

· Trotsky's efforts are aimed at a new revolution hidden in the

slogan. "All power to Soviets". Lenin wanted to make revolution. And

felt this was the perfect time. Trotsky wanted it to take place with

the meeting of the All Russian Soviet. The conspiracy was planned and

prepared carefully which made Lenin's plan for a spontaneous coup by

the Party appear to be irresponsible and less attractive.

· Trotsky knew how to maneuver around the Provisional Government,

alignment of power in the triangle of Soviets, and Bolshevik Party. On

October 26 the Soviets established a Military Revolutionary Committee

with Leon Trotsky as chairman. The Soviets assumed the right to decide

on troop movement in St. Petersburg area without anyone being able to

challenge their illegal actions.

· All threads of the conspiracy were now in Trotsky's hand. Trotsky

became the chief of the general staff of the Bolshevik insurrection.

Trotsky took concrete action whislt there was still debates within the

Central Committee of the Bolshevik. Lenin tried to persuade Kamenev

and Zenoviev who wanted to wait until the meeting of the Constituent

Assembly took place. Ominously, on October 20 Trotsky and the

Bolsheviks left Kerensky's Preliminary Parliament. The new Bolshevik

slogans were "Petrograd is in danger", "Revolution is in danger",

"People are in danger"!

· On October 21 Lenin returned secretly disguised he participated in
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