Animal Experimentation: The Pros And Cons Of Animal Testing

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Animal experimentation is a very controversial topic. The reason this subject is so contentious is because the subject sounds convincing from both point of views. Animal experimentation in so many words is the testing and research of animals for the benefit of humans. Those who are pro-animal testing believe animal experimentation is beneficial and necessary because by using the data that is collected, a preventive mechanism is then produced to help save the lives of humans. However, people that oppose animal testing view animal experimentation as nothing but pointless pain and suffering for the subjects, and not beneficial enough to the lives of humans to continue this style of gathering information to further the advancement of the medical…show more content…
Plants cannot become test subjects because they do not have a system that resembles that of a human and, surely humans cannot become subjects for experiments because that would be inhumane, unethical, and illegal. Most people that are pro- animal testing simply value the lives of animals less than they value the lives of humans and therefore do not see error in animal testing because the lives of humans are not directly being threatened. “Animals do not have rights, therefore it is acceptable to experiment on them. Animals do not have moral judgment or cognitive ability that humans do and because of this every culture recorded throughout human history has treated them differently than humans. If we grant animals rights, all humans would therefore have to become vegetarians, and hunting would be illegal.” (Debate Topic) Those that are pro-animal experimentation believe that animals do not and should not have…show more content…
She believes that animals feel emotional and physical pain. She does not like the idea of animal cruelty or animal experimentation. “I think God created everything with purpose. Nothing should be abused to suffice the ideology that man has in their minds about animals. Our creator did not create anything to be tortured. Animals should not be subjected to abuse or harsh experimentation because they are a life as well.” When asked what were her thoughts on animal experimentation she made a valid point. “Technically they are experimenting on humans indirectly in a sense because even though they test animals to try to prevent sickness and death in humans the medicine, products, and procedures still has so many side effects.” With that being said obviously animal testing is not a fool- proof way of advancing the medical and cosmetic field if products have such a horrific amount of possible side effects and the cost of animal lives is not an acceptable price for medicine and procedures that kind of

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