Analyzing an Advertisement for a Texas Instruments Calculator

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Analyzing an Advertisement for a Texas Instruments Calculator Get your own. These words literally speak for themselves when it comes to the Texas Instruments calculator: TI-83+ silver edition. “Get your own” is the title that appears at the top of the advertisement for the TI-83+ silver edition. The title is reemphasized by a group of teenagers pictured below the title. The teens pictured in the photo are all playfully trying to get their hands on the coveted TI-83+ silver edition-graphing calculator. Directly below the picture of the teens, is a graphic of an enlarged graphing calculator, and displayed on the screen of the calculator is the new phonebook feature. Then, to the right of the graphic are three short phrases that reemphasize and support the title of the advertisement. These phrases state: more power, more speed, and more fun. Preceding these three phrases is a web address. The address shows the TI-83+ silver edition calculator in more depth, and also reiterates the title of the advertisement. The website is is implying that all students need their own calculator, and the TI-83+ silver edition is the best choice. The advertisement was found in the September issue of Teen Magazine. The author carefully planned the placement of this advertisement with the viewers in mind, for he or she was targeting those returning to school. The author most likely chose Teen Magazine to present the advertisement for reasons mostly relating to the viewer. The individuals that read Teen Magazine are in general teenagers that are attending school. Targeting teens in general would be a plus in the sense of advertising, for teenagers are interested in new technology, and want to have the latest fashion, or in this inst... ... middle of paper ... ... with the viewer. Overall, the Texas Instruments TI-83+ silver edition calculator advertisement is an article displayed in such away that appeals to those seeking some form of education. In most cases the advertisement would call to the teen genre. The advertisement displays the title “Get Your Own” at the top of the page to put emphasis on the remainder of the article. The picture of the teens and the full size picture of the calculator are just other examples of why each individual should get their own TI-83+ silver edition calculator. Along with three small phrases and a web address, the article is compl! ete in its emphasis of the title. “Get Your Own,” is a phrase that would definitely stand out in a persons mind after viewing the article, therefore, the designer did a quality job formatting the advertisement. Then “Get Your Own” pretty much sums up the article.

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