An Overview of Japanese Culture and Geography

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Japan is an island positioned in East Asia just somewhat south of South Korea and lies in the Pacific Ocean. The country is made of three major islands, known as the Home Lands, these islands names are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu. The whole country is made of 2,456 islands stretching all along the southeast Pacific. The country is 72% mountainous land that runs all the way from the north to the south all the way through Japanese islands. One of the most eminent renowned names in the Japanese Alps is Mount Fiji. Mount Fiji is the highest point for the complete country, but the highest point in the Japanese Alps is Mount Kits (.Nap.. Web. 22 Mar 2014). The ambiance of Japan differs from tropical in the south to imperturbable temperatures in the northern region. The two primary currents that make up the ambiance of Japan are Kuroshio and Oyashio. The Kuroshio Current flows as far north to the Tokyo warming up the shoreline. The Oyashio Current flows from the north to the south region bringing in plankton, which makes it one of the paramount places to fish. Having the Oyashio Current brings in fish from all areas for the reason that it is profoundly populated with all the plankton. Japan is typically a rainy, humid environment customarily because of the recurring winds throughout the year. The northern region of Japan does have a temperate summer season but notorious to have very long and freezing winters. The Central region of Japan has a longer temperate season but known to have succinct winters. The Southern region of Japan is subtropical environment with sweltering, muggy temperatures, with little to no freezing weather During the winter season, Japan’s weather conditions are comparable to our east coast T... ... middle of paper ... ...ountry. I know that I have only seen part of their country but what is neat about Japan is that we as Air Defenders be able to station there with our families. I myself know that my family does not want to live in Japan but I know that there are plenty of Soldiers waiting for the opportunity to have that chance. In conclusion, I have talked about many diverse topics on the ethnicity of Japan. I also mentioned a great number about how their ethnicity is not much distinctive from our own, which I talked about throughout this paper. I only can only anticipate that after reading the culture awareness paper that you have erudite something new. I have also talked about how their ethnicity has predisposed our own and has reached numerous levels of accolades. Japan is an inimitable and distinct ethnicity that is one of the countries is leading our world in education.
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