The Effects of Biotechnology

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Effects of Biotechnology
Biotechnology is a new emerging interdisciplinary branch of biology and chemistry. It is mainly associated with research and development. This branch is a combination of life science with technology. In the mid twentieth century, the basic research has been done in this fields and agriculture and now it is developing very fast due to ongoing world food security. This branch was started with innovation of fermentative microorganisms by Louis Pasteur - the father of biotechnology. Many years ago, people used biotechnology but were limited with resources and the new technology. They produced wines, beers, and cheese without giving a formal name “Biotechnology.” Today, many nations invest lots of money in medical research to find cure for different diseases and to solve environmental problems. Many pharmaceutical, therapeutics, and chemical companies such as BASF, Chelsea and Endo are centrally located in Charlotte, NC as well as variety of manufacture and research companies which are located in research triangle area. These companies are not only bringing local jobs and focusing on different sectors of the field but how are they helping our society from medical and environment perspective.
I want to make the reader aware of different applications of biotechnology and the effects on the environment. Charlney, A.K. “Mechanisms of Fungal Pathogenesis in Insects.” Biotechnology of Fungi for Improving Plant Growth. Eds. Lumsden, R. D. and J. M. Whipps. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 1989. 85-126. Print. Both of these, the article and book discuss the use of fungi for improving plant growth. It contains extensive information on how we can use fungi in farming. Fungi are useful for plant growth. This co...

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...ever, Type 1 diabetes, and auto immune diseases as well as to produce antibiotics and monoclonal antibodies. These two antibodies are very useful to treat many diseases.
Biotechnology is a use of microorganisms in process and manufacturing industry. It uses living organisms and their components in agriculture, food, environmental and medical technology. For this, it requires integrated use of biochemistry, microbiology and engineering science. There are various different federations that work for biotechnology and help promote use of this new innovated field for public benefit and its environment. Focusing on this new emerging field of biotechnology can help our environment and focus on many unanswered questions yet at the same time the complexity such as bioethical issues, safety, bioterrorism remains fast-paced throughout our country in fact in the entire world.
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