Analysis Of The Movie Glory

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Glory is an American War film produced in 1989. The movie is about the first all-African-American regiment to be a part of the Union Army during the American Civil War. It is based upon letters written by Colonel Robert Gould Shaw, who was the commanding officer in charge of the first African America regiment. The regiment was known as the 54th Massachusetts, and it is famous for the heroic actions that took place during the Battle of Fort Wagner, where Colonel Shaw volunteered his men to lead the charge. Although there were many casualties and the battle was not successful, the 54th Massachusetts’ bravery led the Union to accept thousands of African American men into their ranks which helped the Union win the war. In many parts of the film,…show more content…
While the 54th Regiment was doing labor on the side of the path where another white regiment was going into battle, Trip’s hot head personality got him into an argument with another white soldier. The conflict is then broken up by Sergeant Major John Rawlins, but the white soldier spits a derogatory racial slur at him because he had stripes on his arm, referring to his rank. The mess is then broken up when the white soldiers regiment officer says he’s putting the soldier on charges, but Rawlins steps in says there will be no need for that. In an article from the Civil War Academy, it says, “Civil War black soldiers in the Union army were not universally accepted by all white soldiers. African American soldiers had to contend with racism from white soldiers especially in the beginning.” In the movie, Sergeant Major John Rawlins is completely disrespected even though he was a higher rank. This quote backs up the fact that African American soldiers were disrespected and not looked as equal to white soldiers because of their skin color. This helps prove that the movie was accurate in showing how African American soldiers were treated poorly by disrespect from other white soldiers. In a letter by the Superintendent of the Organization of Kentucky Black Troops, he writes this to the General Adjutant General of the…show more content…
In the movie Glory, the scene where Colonel Shaw reads a letter form the Confederate Congress in front his regiment troops, does a good job of portraying how African American troops had harsher treatment than whites when captured. It starts off by Colonel Shaw reading the letter and saying, “Any negro taken in federal uniform will be summarily put to death.” He then informs his regiment that full discharge will be available in the morning. In another article from the Civil War Academy titled “The Confederacy Refused to Recognize African Americans as Soldiers” it states, “Black soldiers who were fortunate enough to survive their initial capture were often treated more harshly than were white Union soldiers.” This backs up what Colonel Shaw said in the movie because white soldiers were treated as prisoners of war and African American soldiers were harshly punished or executed. The quote from the article helps prove that the movie was accurate in showing how African American soldier were treated by punishment of the Confederate
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