Diary Of Anne Frank Essay

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463 words

The Diary of Anne Frank is about Anne Frank’s life in the Secret Annex hiding from the Nazi’s. The diary shows how the members of the Secret Annex help each other keep hope in spite of dark times. To survive mentally in times of darkness, one needs a helper to keep them safe. The Franks and Van Daans were hidden in the Secret Annex by Mr. Kraler and Miep. Since, the members of the Secret Annex could not provided food and supplies for themselves, Miep and Mr. Kraler provided supplies for them through illegal means. This shows that others are willing to endanger themselves to help others that are in need. While in Bergen-Belsen, Anne got lice, which was common in the camp, and had to throw away all her clothes, when she went the Janny …show more content…

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the diary of anne frank shows how members of the secret annex help each other keep hope in spite of dark times. the franks and van daans were hidden by mr. kraler and miep.
  • Analyzes how the franks, van daans, and mr. dussel all tried to give each other hope in spite of all the horrible things happening.
  • Explains that even when situations seemed hopeless, they always tried to keep hope and never gave up. this applies to our lives, since everyone goes through hard times.

The Franks, Van Daans, and Mr. Dussel all tried to give each other hope to in spite of all the horrible things happening. When Hanukkah came, they still celebrated it to distract everyone from the darkness. Even though, it was hard to get gifts for everyone, Anne spent her time making gifts for everyone living in the Secret Annex. Mr. Frank kept a map of all the cities being liberated to keep hope that they will be liberated soon. Miep had letters sent to Dussel from his fiance which also gave him hope. These are all examples of others trying to give hope in the Diary of Anne Frank. In the documentary, while in the concentration camps, Lies Goslar told about how she sent Anne a package with supplies and about how she found out Anne lived near her in the camp. Sal de Liema told about how he and Mr. Frank tried to survive mentally, singing songs to distract them from the suffering. Mr. Frank always kept hope that his children, Anne and Margot were alive. Mr. Frank also acted as a father to Sal de Liema. Janny Brilleslijper had found Anne at one of the camps, after being in the cold rain, alone with her sister for so long, and they were thrilled Anne was there to keep them

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