Analysis Of Kostenberger's God, Marriage And Family

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Sarah Minchin God, Marriage and Family Chapter 1: Within the first chapter of the book Kostenberger’s God, Marriage and Family identifies the cultural problems of our nation. In this chapter the author discusses how sexual immorality, homosexuality and sexual confusion are among the major threats of how our culture is now defining relationships. The author says that this is more than a problem of culture, he says that this is rooted in something more than that. I think he might be dramatic about the who issue. I do not necessarily think that the way we live our lives in threatened by sexual sin. I think our God is bigger than that. Kostenberger thinks that we must go back to the old roots of marriage in the bible to start healing from the pain that sexual sin has caused against our nation. He says that when a couple is struggling that they should do more than just work on their communication skills, they should work on the idea of becoming “one flesh”. I agree with this, I think that if two people are completely following Christ and they give their whole lives to God than they can not have an unhappy marriage. Chapter 2 : Chapter two is mainly about the roles of men and the roles of women in the bible. He focuses most of his time in the Old Testament. He talks about how God meant in the garden for it to function like a marriage. He says that the idea of marriage is ancient and that Israel ruined it because they participated in polygamy, divorce, and homosexuality. He mentions that God in start of genesis talks about the roots and the institution of marriage; which is doing the will of the creator and the consequences being the fall of humanity on the married couple. He mentions song of Solomon which is about the ... ... middle of paper ... ...repentance and faith. We are all born again believers in Christ. Chapter 14 – In this last and final chapter the author tries to bring everything spoken about in one final close. The last chapter is basically a summary of all the other chapters. He mentions that we should be in constant prayer for our family at home and our church family. He goes over again the idea of a faithful marriage and obedient children. He mentions singleness again and how that can be used for a strong ministry. Being single means that they are not limited or held down by family responsibility. He also goes over the definition of marriage. Kostenberger ends the final chapter with a message from Paul and a prayer for those reading the book. I think this was a great read to better explain the concepts of a marriage and a family. Especially when dealing with politics in the church.
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