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The metaphor of marriage is used in the Bible to illustrate the relationship between God and His people. In this essay, I am going to investigate the metaphor of marriage that is used thorough the bible.
There are varieties of passages in the Old Testament that discuss the metaphor of marriage for the relationship between God/Israel. In the Old Testament, God’s relation with Israel is portrayed as a relationship between husband and wife. The book of Genesis two discuss about the creation of man and woman. Genesis two, God created man and gave him everything in the Garden of Eden, except for the tree of knowledge. God put man in the garden to take care of it. Adam was alone so God made a woman by taking one of the ribs from Adam. This metaphor can be reflected as how God wants to have a relationship with Israel. In Genesis two, God created humans to be the object of His love and creation.
Exodus 19:3-6; 20:2-6; 34:12-17 clearly said that if Israel keeps the Lord’s covenant and do not worship any other idols, then Israel will be God’s very own possession, chosen from above all the nations. This passage can be interpret as God’s love for Israel because if they do not obey the covenant and agreement God will become jealous God and punish them. However, if they do obey Him, Israel will be His kingdom of priests and nation that belongs to Him. The metaphor of marriage used as a covenant relationship. In these passages, God reveals His covenant relationship with Israel. God wants Israel to be his own by loving Him, being faithful to Him and obeying his covenant just like in a marriage. In Isaiah 50:1; 54:6 the metaphor of marriage is used as Israel relating themselves as wives. Israel is saying that God divorce them and forgot abo...

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...or God will have significant implications for the human marriage relationship. Though out the book of Song of Songs, the relationship between the Lord and Israel is illustrated through the poem of two human lovers. This book should be interpreted as an allegory because it shows the God’s covenant, sexual purity how people should properly enjoy the intimacy. It also shows the image for God’s relationship with his people throughout the Bible and explains the marriage is a gift of God.
In conclusion, the metaphor of marriage used throughout the Bible to illustrate the relationship between God and His people and the institution of human marriage. Marriage is a covenant and you must not break it because it is like breaking God’s covenant. One should love each other like Christ love us. God joined the two people together as one flesh therefore divorce is unacceptable.

In this essay, the author

  • Analyzes how the metaphor of marriage is used as a covenant relationship between god and israel.
  • Analyzes how various passages in the new testaments discuss the metaphor of marriage for the relationship of christ/church.
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