Analysis Of Human System Integration

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Springs, S.L deliveries lecture on the topic of Human system Integration (HSI) on February, 2014. In which she covers the major aspect: HSI domains and its application. Before jumping to the HIS domains and its application directly, at first she define that what HSI. While define HSI, I come to the point that it is the study of explaining the human performance and identify the factors that influence the human performance, and evaluate the requirement of working environment that influence the performance. It deals with the analysis the human performance requirement, designing and testing activities as part system engineering (SE). In other words, it could be said that it referring to the technical and managerial concepts that emphasis on the techniques and methods that helps in maximum utilization of the human system integration. The tools that were used by human system integration consultants were: designing, documentation, research and assessment. In designing, consultants involved in developing different activities and engineering designs that allow to analysis and testing these ac...

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