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Everyone enjoys a superb movie here and there, and every person, including me, has their opinions about the ending. Some made me endlessly cheerful. Some mad me cry. Others had me fuming with anger. The fact exist that after a viewer is done watching various movies within these three different categories, they’ll have different emotions towards the finale. But when talking about a movie with a strong ending I generally have the same opinion as everyone else. With this in mind ‘Howl’s Moving Castle’ is an example of a family movie that ends in such a way that it makes me want to meet a wizard myself. It’s about a young woman named Sophie that I would describe as a small, grey, mouse. She gets turned into an old woman by a menacing…show more content…
I felt an attachment grow for Sophie that continued until the end when Howl confesses to her. The finale captured my heart with the sweetest kiss of love between the two while her hair is whipping in the violent wind. The fire demon that was trapped in the fire-place is set free, but still stays with the friends he’s made. It’s more than just that they end up together; Howl changes his ways and lifestyle just to accommodate his new love. Just that thought alone makes my heart leap! I love the cliché romance between Howl and Sophie and the friendship they have built together. For these reasons I would say that Howls Moving Castle has one of the happiest endings of all time! ‘Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith’, in…show more content…
It could be described in one word, great, but that is definitely not how to describe the ending. I started out attached to this man who knows how to throw parties and is portrayed as an enigma. He later tells his story: fell in love, too poor, and stole somebody else’s identity. He’s not actually rich and wasn’t born into his wealth at all, yet I still liked his personality. The girl he falls in love with, Daisy Buchanan, is married and it’s too late, but Jay Gatsby doesn’t imagine so. He lets the love of his life choose in one day; he tells her to call and he will know she still loves him. The suspense builds as the day keeps winding on but Jay still stays positive that she will call. Jay Gatsby takes a swim to calm his nerves and hears the phone ringing. He climbs the stairs slowly and starts to reach for the phone and is shot back into the pool. A man who still holds a grudge against him comes back to obtain revenge. Jay falls in the pool thinking that the girl he loves really called him, but another voice is heard on the phone. She never called. The woman who promised him so much leaves when he needs her most. No one, save his only friend, comes to his funeral. That alone could make me scream. From all the parties he threw, not one guest came to pay their respects. I enjoyed every second of the film but the ending made me realize it’s not all that perfect of a movie. It’s one of the defining moments of

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