Gender Role Model Essay

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Through various cultures, there can be great consistency in the standards of desirable gender-role behavior. At a very early age, children go through the process of gender socialization and learn what it means to be a boy or girl in society. These behaviors and attitudes are generally instilled at home and then reinforced by the child’s friends, school life and exposure to media (Witt para. 1). The ultimate actors, however, are the parents. From their influence as role models, a child may be pushed towards activities and commitments that are meant for their specific gender. Some may wonder why they lean them toward such standards. In fact, with the conformity of gender roles come a wide variety of variables to consider such as possible discrimination, …show more content…

For this reason, it is also crucial for parents to act as appropriate role models. They are the first actors to come into play, and therefore also the first role model for their child. With traditional gender roles, a daughter may look up to her mother and a son to his father. An example of a terrible role model can be demonstrated in Let the Great World Spin with Tillie and her daughter Jazzlyn. When Tillie gave birth to Jazzlyn, she left Jazzlyn with her mother so that she could be the breadwinner of the family through prostitution. After work, Tillie would come take Jazzlyn in her arms and always promise herself that she would never let her daughter become a prostitute. In her own words she explained that is the first thing a prostitute says to herself when she has a baby is, “She’s never gonna work the stroll. Not my baby. She’s never going to be out there” (McCann 200). This clearly wasn’t the case as like her mother, Jazzlyn also became a prostitute at such a young age. Prostitution is a heavily female dominated field and is a terrible gender role associated with some females. Tillie had no option but to pass it on to her daughter so she could help make some extra money. When a child observes the behavior and actions of their parents towards different people, they learn the same and try implement in their own life. That is all part of the role modeling

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