Analysis Of Girl Time By Maisha T. Winn

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Girl Time is a book written by Maisha T. Winn who is a former public elementary school and high school teacher. She has worked extensively with youth inside and outside urban schools throughout the United States. Winn provides information in the book about girls incarcerated in juvenile detention centers and girls who have been previously incarcerated. In the book, Winn explains how these girls narrate their own lives, how they ended up incarcerated, and their lives after being incarcerated. The inmates use theater and acting to describe their lives. Winn describes Girl Time as “a theater program for incarcerated and formerly incarcerated girls in the urban southeast, which uses playwriting and the power of theatre to unearth the multiple stories of incarcerated girls” (p.3). Winn explains how the program operates and how teachers and students feel about art. Also, Winn explains to educators the implications on the community of these girls imprisonment. …show more content…

In Act 1, “ Voices can be heard,” Winn shows how these girls express themselves through theatre and can act out different kinds of stories about their lives and the lives they aspire to have. She also proposes that the youth need to be heard in order to find their way in life. Winn explains “ this act will explore theories of play in order to understand its critical role in the lives of incarcerated and formerly incarcerated girls” (P.17). With this in mind, it is clear from the play that each one of these women's performances reflects their deepest desires for life out of jail. Also, it demonstrates how aware they are of why they ended up there, including the social issues and cultural influences that led them to their

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