Analysis Of Fast Food

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The fast food industry is a bunch of lies. In Mark Bittman 's article “Is Junk Food Really Cheaper,” he says that fast food is not the way to go. He talks about how lower income families have to resort to the “Cheaper” fast food they can afford. Is fast food truly cheap? Bittman does not think that fast food is cheaper and I agree with him.
Bittman says that choosing fast food over a home-cooked meal is horrible. He talks about how society nowadays thinks that it is cheaper to go through fast food restaurants than make your meals at home. In his article, Bittman says that “hyperprocessed food remains more expensive than food cooked at home.” Another point he makes is that people think that junk food is cheaper for its calories. People think
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He explains why it is cheaper to cook at home than go buy processed foods. He compares a family of four 's meal at McDonald 's a chicken roast that four-six people can eat that 's made from home. In his comparison the family of four had to pay $28 at McDonald 's rather than the $14 chicken roast. I think that is ridiculous to pay so much and get little out of it. Bittman made the point that people eat fast food, because it can help them gain weight. People think that eating fast food is the easiest way to gain weight. I agree with Bittman because there are better foods people can eat that can help people gain weight. Lower income families think that fast food is the only option for them to eat. Bittman talks about how this is not true. People with food stamps, that only get $5 a day, can live and get healthy food with that. Another thing Bittman talks about is when people cannot get to the supermarket. I understand that a trip into town could waste a lot of gas, but I think that their lives are more important than using up gas. In his essay, Bittman talks about alternatives than just fast food. Changing from soda to water is something that has little harm but great effects. I think Bittman is right, because soda has so much sugar in it. Another alternative he says is cooking at least one night a week. Bittman means that giving up the fast food and having fresh food is the best thing for