Fast Food Is The Primary Cause Of Obesity By Todd G. Buchholz

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“Fast food is not the primary cause of obesity” is an article by Todd G. Buchholz. The article focuses on fast foods and their continued blame as the primary cause of obesity. Todd G. Buchholz emphasizes the before blaming fast food outlets and their products for the increase in obesity rates; one should make sure that their claims are valid. The primary cause of the increase in the obesity levels in the United States should solely be blamed on the change in the lifestyle of the citizens. Fast food outlets have been in existence since the twentieth century, and the levels of obesity have been on the increase in the twenty-first century compared to the twentieth century. The author in the article uses pathos, logos, ethos and rhetorical questions to ensure that the main points are clearly known. This essay will assess at the effectiveness of the use of pathos, logos, ethos, and rhetorical questions to the author’s advantage of convincing the reader that fast food should not be blamed solely as the primary cause of obesity.
The post is suitable to read for anyone who would like to find facts about the relation of fast foods to the high rates of obesity in the states. The audience should expect the author to clearly state out point why fast food is not the primary cause of obesity. The author should also clearly state reason why there has been an increase in obesity levels. This should help the reader in clarifying that fast food is not the primary cause. The purpose of this text is to ensure that the reader understands the relation to fast food and obesity levels. I believe that in many ways, the author can be referred to as a defender of fast food in the blame for causing obesity.
The author in the post uses ethos to clearly poin...

... middle of paper ..., the author made me comprehend his assertions quite easily and I was bound to agree with him. He is clear and articulate, and employs effective use of logos and pathos, which are extremely important in reeling in the reader.
To sum up, the author clearly elaborates his main points, leaving the reader with no option but to agree with him. Through the use of ethos, pathos and logos, the author sways the reader through facts, which can be proven. The author, however, says that in way fast food cause obesity but the blame should not be shifted solely on fast food. The change in lifestyle of the American citizens is to blame for the increase in obesity levels.
The author clearly looks at the history of obese levels a couple of decades ago and compares to the present. The context of the post is relatively true, and I believe no one can challenge it whatsoever
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