Analysis Of Choosing Success In College Life

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In “Choosing Success in College and Life”, Carol Kanar exposes students to the foundational skills that they will need to develop in order to be successful in the college setting. Effective interpersonal skills and understanding that people are the biggest resource can be two of the biggest factors in how a student assimilates to campus life. Students can be intimidated by all of the offices and professional titles that surround them when entering this new surrounding. It is important that students understand that their desire to succeed is met by college professionals’ mutual desire to see the same. The blueprint for this success should first begin with the students’ inner belief in themselves. Second, the student should familiarize themselves with all that the college has to offer by way of various supportive offices, support groups, and clubs. Finally, the students should begin to set scholastic, life, and financial goals for themselves.
College will require a great degree of self motivation and personal responsibility from the student. It would be great if during the primary stages of the college introduction the student took inventory of several personal traits that can impact their learning. A student should also be able to honestly assess his or her strengths and weaknesses. Awareness of shortcomings will arm the student with the ability to enhance them. Having awareness of strengths can help the student further develop their strong areas. Parallel to becoming aware of strengths and weaknesses, is becoming aware of one’s dominant style of learning. Chapter 2 introduces the concept of different learning styles, but encourages the student take personal responsibility for their education by adjusting to the env...

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...h. Kanar gives several systems that can help to student to effectively manage stress. Learning to say no is one technique that allows the student control of their time. In addition, knowing when to ask for help can also keep the student from facing overload. In every aspect of life there will be negative people and situations. Knowing in advance how to effectively handle negativity when it arises, is key to maintaining both mental and physical well being. Finally, taking time away from all of the responsibilities to treat oneself can help to restore a positive balance.
For as much as college is studying, test, and learning about diverse environments, it is also a good time for the student to establish who they are. Analysis of everything from personality, to learning style, to how to properly prepare for classes are all very useful to the new college student.

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