A Lawsuit Over Plagiarism in H. Bruce Millers Life is Not Measured by Grade-Point Averages

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In “Life is Not Measured by Grade-Point Averages” by H. Bruce Miller, Miller announces that a young lady named Gabrielle Napolitano was suing the University for accusing her of plagiarism in her paper. Napolitano hired a lawyer and built the case stating that the so called “plagiarism” was just a, quote “technical error” (Miller, par.2). Miller announces this problem but doesn’t get his true argument out until the last few paragraphs of his paper, stating that students need to stop worrying about their grades or grade-point averages and need to start enjoying the process of learning, to embrace the knowledge and use it without the fear of lack of money in the back of their minds. Miller uses strong terminology throughout his paper and keeps the paper at a fast-pace to retrieve the audiences full attention and to also keep it until the end, he also uses antonomasia to refer back to his university, making his style of writing very entertaining; however, Miller fails to accept Napolitano’s feelings about the problems at hand and makes a huge assumption that she is only concentrated on her grade-point average, fails to appeal to his audiences beliefs, and includes inappropriate fallacies in his paper. Even though Miller has weaknesses in his paper, he did a good job using the proper style in his paper to keep the reader’s attention and to get his argument that people need to enjoy learning and not just be in it for the money across.

The weakness of Millers paper is that he never mentioned or considered Napolitano’s feelings on the occurring problem, even though his main attention wasn’t on her feelings. Napolitano was being charged with plagiarism and the faculty-student committee from Preston University decided that her ...

... middle of paper ...

... person used to attend a school (Miller, par.1). The difference between those two statements is huge, reading the words “alma mater” is a lot more entertaining than reading the boring sentence “I used to attend this one school at this one place”, so Miller does a fine job using that antonomasia to entertain his audience.

In the end, Miller did a fine job getting his argument across and keeping his audiences attention throughout his essay but his lack of emotional appeal and his usage of fallacies made his paper weak. Miller made his paper stronger by including similes and using a fast-paced tone without confusing terms or boring wording. Finally, I believe that Miller could have included emotions to make his paper perfect but without it he only used sentence structure, a fast-paced tone and appropriate terms for his audience to make his paper intriguing.
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