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HISTORY ASSIGNMENT REVIEWING THE ANNIHILATION OF CASTE TUSHARA RAVINDRANATH ( BASS1) Annihilation in this context means to dismantle and extirpate the caste system. To understand the depth and essence of this essay, one must first dwell on the context and the writer of this masterful analysis of the caste system. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar heralded the most intensive social reform in India to cure the vile sickness of caste system. He endeavoured to rid the Indian society of injustice and discrimination. He stood for an equal social rights for the discriminated. B.R Ambedkar was born into the Mahar caste where he was treated as an untouchable and suffered from the fangs of socio- economic discrimination. As a child he saw the abhorrent intolerance…show more content…
B.R Ambedkar withstood all the challenges the caste system had bestowed on him to become a lawyer, scholar and a reformist. This essay was compiled in 1936, when the fury of the freedom struggle was at its zenith. Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar stood for social reform. He saw the futility of political reform when the caste system was still strong and in existence. Ambedkar found it essential for social reform to precede political reform. Annihilation of Caste was written and compiled by B.R Ambedkar on being invited by the Jat-Pat-Todak-Mandal. Jat-Pat-Todak-Mandal was affiliated with the Hindu Mahasabha and consisted primarily of Caste Hindus. This made Ambedkar apprehensive but nevertheless obliged to talk on the subject .Ambedkar and the Jat-Pat-Todak-Mandal had a common objective that was to bring about social reform in Hindu religion by “annihilating the religious notions on which it, the Caste system, is founded” (As stated in the letter sent to Ambedkar by Mr.Sant Ram , secretary of the Jat-Pat-Todak-Mandal). However…show more content…
Firstly he suggests that one must consider the present or current social situation while seeking reform. Values, outlook, perspectives must be redefined to changing times. The society’s notions must fluidly embrace and accept the mutations and vicissitudes of changing society and needs. Ambedkar says we must redefine our construct of morality to resuscitate Hinduism from being crushed into nullity. We will obstruct growth if we fail to adjust and amend with changing times. We must therefore we more open to redefine and reformulate the principles of morality in accordance with the changing context. We must not seek to find justification on our present in our past. Give the present scenario the due importance it should be given. It will cost us immensely if we concentrate if we focus on our past without reaching out for solutions for the present. Past should not be the source for supplying the present. Hindus must realize change is constant and seek to embrace it rather than build a wall against

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