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SETTING The plot here in this book takes place in a therapy center called Horizons. After a while of being there he runs away and goes to the beach in Cardiff and he stays there until something terrible happens to him(it will all be explain in the plot and some in character & tone too) PLOT Kidd is a kid with a trouble life. His father used to abuse his mother which caused her to kill him and herself right in front of Kidd. After that Kidd was sent to a therapy center called Horizons because he was depressed and post-traumatic stress. he gets really stressed because he can’t do nothing there and they keep telling him lied and he gets tired of it one day he finds a man named Red and he offers Kidd a job in the beach in Cardiff. He leaves the center literally runs away to the beach where his new job is, he camps there and goes to Mr. Red to start working. After a couple days later he sees this girl named Olivia and he falls in love with her and he thinks that she likes him back. She becomes everything to him; he will do anything for her. However Devon is back and he is willing to take Olivia from Kidd. Kidd was warned to stay away from him; he didn’t want to be with him anyways because Devon hurt Kidd way too many times. They always get in trouble because of Devon and Kidd hates that because he likes being a good kid. Devon will do anything for Kidd to follow him, Devon loves doing things that will get them hurt or even almost dead. One day Kidd finds Devon talking to Olivia in a cliff by the beach and Kidd get really mad so he tried to get Olivia’s attention but it doesn’t work. Instead of getting Olivia’s attention he gets Devon’s. Devon smirks at Kidd and he gets even madder so he goes to them and he means to push... ... middle of paper ... ...d. PERSONAL RELEVANCE My point of view of this book is that I just love how the author put everything together and how the plot goes. The theme just amazes me and I love it. I love everything about this book. Also I can relate to it because there is that one person that keeps coming back even if I don’t want him to come back. He kept hurting me and I just wanted him to leave my life forever and never come back. I was always afraid of him coming back I tried so hard to fight him to leave but he would always came back. I would get away from the people he hang out and just leave the place he would always be at but he would find a way to come back to my life no matter what I did for him to leave. I learned that it would take a time but we always have to fight that person until they get tired of us and they will finally leave we just have to be strong and keep fighting.

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that kidd is a depressed, post-traumatic stress kid who runs away to the beach in cardiff, where he meets olivia and falls in love with her.
  • Narrates the main character kidd, who is running away from the therapy center and running from his past. he needs to find something that would matter to him. olivia is a beautiful girl with blond hair and blue eyes.
  • Opines that devon is the main character even if he isn't real at all. he's an imagination of kidd but for him is real.
  • Analyzes how the main tone of the novel is suspenseful and emotional. kidd is trapped with his own thoughts believing that there's a kid named devon.
  • Opines that they love how put everything together and the plot goes. they can relate to the one person that keeps coming back even if they don't want him to come back.
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