Who Are You and What Are You Doing Here? Rhetorical Analysis

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Studying a university degree is one of the biggest achievements of many individuals around the world. But, according to Mark Edmunson, a diploma in America does not mean necessarily studying and working hard. Getting a diploma in the United States implies managing with external factors that go in the opposite direction with the real purpose of education. The welcome speech that most of us listen to when we started college, is the initial prank used by the author to state the American education system is not converging in a well-shaped society. Relating events in a sarcastic way is the tone that the author uses to explain many of his arguments. Mark Edmunson uses emotional appeals to deliver an essay to the people that have attended College any time in their life or those who have been involved with the American education system.
The starting of the essay “WELCOME AND COGRATULATIONS” is the main sign that Edmunson’s claim has a kairos because it is a phrase to start in the context related by the author and its composition. But also, the author establishes credibility when he shares his experiences in College as a student and as a Professor. This means that the evidence shown among the paper are primary source narrates from the mouth of someone involved in the American education system. From my point of view, the “Who Are You And What Are You Doing Here?” essay innovates the style to describe and analyze events that many people have experienced in any time of their life. Throughout the reading of this essay, I found agreements and disagreements points with the author’s opinion. In the following paragraphs, I will state my perception of this composition.
Firstly, I liked the way in which the author uses his experiences to relate ...

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... education system, he does not refer anything about how the advantages of this system can overtake the failures shown on the paper.
In Conclusion, although I have a partial disagreement with some aspects of the article, it was with great pleasure I read it because I found the way in which the author relates education with many features of the American Culture innovate. Furthermore, it is impressive the way in which the author relates his life memories with the weakness of the field where he works. Events that most of us have experienced have been converted into strong arguments by the author. Education has been one of the pillars of modern countries. Thus, Mark Edmuson message should be taken as a foundation to future education strategies. The way in he expresses his thoughts shows a big desire to see an education system evolving in tandem with the society welfare.

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