Why You Reckon Analysis

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The story I chose for this analysis is “Why, you reckon?” by Langston Hughes. IN this analysis I will be focusing on how the great depression in Harlem had effect on the story, how racism played a part, and how or if the characters were justifyied in their actions. During this time period the intense racial divide combined with the economic harships that plagued the U.S. during the 1923’s makes for an interesting story that makes you think if the charaters were really justified. The setting and mood plays a huge part in setting the scene and really stepping in the charcters shoes. “Well sir, I aint never been mixed up in nothin wrong before nor since, and I don’t intend to be again, but I was hongry that night. Indeed I was.” (253, Hughes) Just from the opening line Hughes does an amazing job setting up the era by using different dialogue and slang, it really shows where they are econmically and mentally. During the crash everyone got hit but African American’s were hit the worst, …show more content…

The kind of language and dialogue he uses in the story paints a picture of the intelligence level of these charcters and their economic status, which helps develop the characters and their motivation. The story may be fictional but it was based on an actual period of time which in turn adds an element of realism and helps the author convey the story to readers in a more direct way. There was such a huge gap between characters the rich and the poor. Everything was different the way they talked, their clothes, and economic status. Edward compared to the rest of the characters are polar opposites and Hughes showed this by conveying to the reader that the speech was different, their clothes and even the reason Edward and the rest of the characters are in Harlem. Edward goes there for fun and the other 3 characters live there in poverty doing anything humans can do to

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