The Feminist Movement

After WWII, many movements in the United States secured greater liberties such as social, political, and personal freedoms. Along with many others, the Civil Rights and Feminist Movements were very successful during this time. These movements were both significant in our society because they changed the history of the United States.
The Feminist movement was a successful action because it established bigger freedoms for Women. The main goal of this movement was to one day retrieve freedom and equal opportunities for. Before the Feminist movement, women were denied equal opportunities in the workforce and suffered from this significantly. Surely, these women proved they weren’t incapable of much after replacing men in the workforce during WWII. With this success, they then proceeded to fight for equality. In 1972 Congress approved The Equal Rights Amendment (ERA) which supported equality for women (Roark 787). By 1977, 35 states in total ratified the amendment, however during the process it was interrupted by a conservative activist by the name of Phyllis Schlafly (Roark 787). Accord...

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