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Interviewing A Subject Korbyn D’Ambrogio College Comp 20161117 American Soldier “Why would you want to interview me when there are plenty of people back home that would be easier to interview in person?” asks John Stout. He is about 5’11, has dark black hair and his eyes are a rich chocolaty brown. He is tan and has a strong muscular body. John is currently deployed in Bagram Afghanistan. He departed on July 7th, 2016 and will not return until April of 2017. He grew up in Fort Ripley, MN and graduated from Brainerd High School in 2014. John is very close with his Mother, Father, Brother and Sister. He grew up with a wrench in his hand and always helped his Father work on project cars and fixing things around the house. To John, family is everything. His family always took vacations and every summer, he gets to travel around the United States for Army training. John grew up in a military family. His Father works as a Warrant Officer in the Minnesota National Guard and his Brother, Curtis, is in the Marine Corps and is also deployed right now.John has always wanted to serve his country …show more content…

For the Army, he is a 15U (15 Uniform) which is a helicopter mechanic. He chose this MOS because he has always been passionate about flying and working on engines.Instead of just one weekend per month for drill, his job requires at least one day per week of training plus one weekend per month of drill, and two weeks every summer for training. A lot of long hours goes into studying his helicopter and all of the systems that make it up. “ There’s just something about engines that calms me down,” he says. His job duties include transporting cargo and Special Forces Troops from point A to point B, fly Generals to where they need to go, and sometimes they carry prisoners. “When we’re flying, it’s complete freedom. I can go wherever I want and I don’t need roads to get there,” John

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