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Being a military member in the armed forces across all branches will have a positive and negative impact in both personal and professional areas of life. All military members take the oath of enlistment before they join it is a requirement before attending basic training. What most service members do not realize is that they are completely oblivious to the road that lies ahead of them. Most people join the military for a number a personal reason such as money, education, and a sense of stability. Others may join the military in hopes of being a part of something greater than themselves, they may see it as a chance to serve their country. No matter what drives one to join the armed forces it is safe to say that they will encounter both good …show more content…

The very first hardship experienced is basic training, although basic training varies across all military branches they all serve the same purpose. Every year more than 180,000 people enlist in the armed (unknown 2014). That is about 180,000 people who had to leave loved ones behind and completely start a new life that may or may not include the ones that they love. Along with leaving loved ones behind there is also the challenge of completing basic training. Once the smoke has settled and all training is complete one can officially call themselves a solider, sailor, marine, or airmen which will officially make the member eligible for deployment operations. Some deployments may be easier than others but there is no doubt that deployments can definitely become a military hardship which can cause negative impact on a service members life. Posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is one of the most commonly reported psychological outcomes following deployment (Wright, Breanna K., et al. 2013). A military deployment can have a major negative impact on service member’s lives. Deployments can take a toll on a service members personal and professional life which could lead to issues such as depression. The military can have a major negative impact on service member’s lives, however if one remains resilient the fruits of their labor will become

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