A Brief Biography Of John Allen Muhammad

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In Washington D. C. 2002, the city was terrorized by a serial killer. His name was John Allen Muhammad with his accomplice Lee Boyd Malvo. This disturbance went on for three weeks in September to October. Why did these two serial killers decide to kill people? That has been the question people have been asking for years now. John Allen Muhammad, also known as John Allen Williams, was born on December 31, 1960 in Louisiana. After the passing of his mom when Muhammad was the age of four, his aunt, Baton Rouge raised him. After Muhammad finished high school he married Carol Kaglear. They had a son and named him Linbergh. He then started a military career that was promising at first. His commanders described him as personable and outgoing. By the early 1980’s his cracks were beginning to show. He failed to report for duty and hit an officer, resulting in trouble (Biography, par 1, 2, 3). In the late 1980’s Muhammad changed his life around. He and his wife had separated, he converted to Islam, and he joined the U.S. Army (Biography, par 4). He later changed his name to Muhammad (Death, par 2). He was stationed in Washington State. There he married Mildred Green. They ended up having three children. Being in the army was good for Muhammad. He served in Germany and the Middle East and was skilled in marksman (Biography, par 4, 5). Muhammad was finished with army and left to run his own businesses. The first business he tried to run was a Mechanic Shop. After that failed He tried to open a Karate School, which also failed. Mildred, Muhammad’s second wife, divorced him. She then ordered him a restraining order. Muhammad then took off with their three children to Antigua. In Antigua Muhammad met his later accomplice, Lee Boyd Malvo. Mu... ... middle of paper ... ...to his execution (Lethal Injection, par 256, Meserve, par 31). She did not show up to his execution but would take his body back to Louisiana and make burial plans. Muhammad’s second wife Mildred said that when she and Muhammad got a divorce she detached from him, therefore she did not go to his execution (Meserve, par 34, 35). In conclusion John Allen Muhammad was executed for the 2002 D.C. sniper shooting. Now the city of Washington D. C. can rest easy knowing they are not in harm’s way. Have the lives of the people who have lost loved ones been drastically changed for the worst, or has their lives become easier with time? Hopefully they will regain strength to carry on and pass this tragedy of the sniper shooting. This tragedy should be a lesson for everyone to deal with things and not let those things control every aspect of people’s lives and how they live it.

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