American Revolution Gave Birth to Democracy in America

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“The British are coming, the British are coming!” Did you know that these famous words were never yelled by Paul Revere? However, the British were indeed coming. America’s forefathers came to this land to escape oppression from British rule. It wasn’t until they were being overtaxed by the British that they rose up to fight for independence and freedom. This historic event was known as The American Revolution. The American Revolution gave birth to democracy in America through great historical events, unknown facts, and famous penned agreements.

Resistance to the British and their control over the colonies began with a small group of men called The Sons of Liberty. Over time, they grew into a large organization having members in all of the colonies. Their primary purpose was to reject the extreme taxes the British were imposing on them. After many parliamentary acts were enacted to extort money via taxes from the colonists, they began to revolt in an attempt to show the British their discontent ( Staff, 2009). The most famous uprising of the Sons of Liberty was the Boston Tea Party.

The British had been taxing everything they could get away with on the colonists. When they taxed the tea – that of which the colonists could only buy from the British, the colonists told the British to take their tea ships home. The British refused. As a result, colonist Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty protested by sneaking on board the tea ships disguised as Indians and dumped the tea in its entirety into the Boston Harbor. The British, angered by this, closed the harbor and imposed more penalties ("Boston tea party," 2009). The American Revolution began shortly thereafter.

Many battles took place in the American Rev...

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  • Explains that america's forefathers came to this land to escape oppression from british rule. the american revolution gave birth to democracy in america through great historical events and famous penned agreements.
  • Describes how the sons of liberty grew into a large organization with members in all of the colonies. their primary purpose was to reject the british's extreme taxes.
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