American Imperialism Essay

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American Imperialism developed from the struggle of a new formation of a country in which had no influential power other than in Great Britain; into a massive leading, dominant and powerful American quest for empire. Imperialism is when a nation works to expand its power and influence. In America, imperialism was practice through expansion, control, specifically economically, and politically; whether or not through peaceable means. Throughout the years, imperialism is demonstrated as internal in which America transformed from expanding into the frontier by taking away land from others ,to external in conquering Spanish territories in the western hemisphere through military and economic means , and having complete influential power around the…show more content…
Imperialism was practiced through internal expansion. In this conquest for manifest destiny the step was westward expansion, specifically in regard to Americans taking Indian lands which undermined their sovereignty and pushed them to defeat. America was seeking to gain economic growth through mining, ranching, and farming. All the land being sold for mining, ranching, and farming was making money for the United States creating wealth without the consent of the Indians. Their freedom to make economic decisions for their own land was taken away from too favor America. Politically we wanted control over the way Indians should too live their life, the “correct way”. Imposing Indian boarding schools and killing the Indian but saving the man. These methods demonstrate the how politically involved the decisions of America were to take control over people in which we simply did not understand at that time but wealth in the land fed the actions of violence to take over. All in all during this period imperialism was through force of our own culture on others and through political destruction of the…show more content…
Direct interventionism has been one of the most important features of the reach of American imperialism. WW1 and WW2 gave them that pathway. European countries gave the United States the power to dominate and comply with the orders of America. The existence and presence of US military is also a remarkable indicator of the degree of imperialism. The US military sent bases on many northern countries after the World Wars close to Russia’s doorstep. The fact that such territorial ‘violation’ happened made America the great power on top. Therefore, after US military intervention, came the Marshall Plan that aided war-torn Europe with money in order to defeat American fears of it turning to Communism. The alliances were necessary for the improvement of the American vision for the future, in acting as political (democracy) and trade partners. Similar was the Truman Doctrine, an example of America modifying the political alignment of the world which was Europe, to make state of affairs helpful for itself to flourish, this is seen as the formation of Americas political
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