American Hero: Rosa Parks

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American Hero Rosa Parks
“Show me a hero and I will write you a tragedy” – J. Scott Fitzgerald. The definition of a hero is to display courage and willing to self-sacrifice for greater good of all human quality; to withstand the hardships for not only oneself but for the entire public. One of America’s greatest civil rights activist, Rosa Parks lived her life as a regular woman until she made the courageous decision to rebel against the unconstitutional government. Standing against something you believe is something we think it is easy to do, but it is actually a hard thing to do it. Rosa Parks, known as “The Mother of the Civil Rights”, is a foundation of society we live in today. Through her brave acts of refusing to give up her seat for a white man in a bus, buy fighting for segregation, voting rights, and standing up for what she believes in, helped start a revolution that changed the lives of a majority of African Americans.
Rosa Parks was an African American woman born in Tuskegee, Alabama February 4 1913. She grew up in Montgomery which is in the southern United States in Alabama. Alabama is one of the states with large African-American population. Her full name was Rosa Louise McCauley and her parents’ names were Leona and James McCauley. Leona, Rosa’s mother, was a teacher and James, her father, was a carpenter. She also had a younger brother named Sylvester. However Rosa’s parents separated while she was still young and she, her mother and brother went to live on her grandparent’s farm in the nearby town of Pine Level. Rosa attended the local school for African-American children where her mother was a teacher. Park’s family really valued education, in addition to her mother being a teacher, the family believed in freed...

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...n of the boycott. Rosa was also awarded the Martin Luther King Non-Violent Peace Prize in 1984. Also receiving Eleanor Roosevelt Woman of Courage Award. On October 24, 2005, after nearly seventy years of activism, Rosa Parks died in her home in Detroit at the age of ninety two.
Rosa became tired of waiting for the world to change on its own, or was afraid that it will never change, so she revolted against the unfair prejudice laws and has successfully made African-Americans equal and inspired many to stand up for justice. When faced with a situation where wrong and hurtful things are being done, people should follow Rosa Park’s remarkable example and not be afraid to say or do something to stop them from happening, no matter who they are. Rosa Parks has shown marvelously, anyone can be a hero. Rosa Parks now stand for symbol of fight for equal rights and freedom.

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