Rosa Parks

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Do you know why Rosa Parks is a hero? She helped a lot in this world and if it wasn’t for her our world would still be like in the old times. When she stated, “The only tired I was, was tired of giving in” (Parks cover), that’s when she decided to do something for her and her people. “When that happened, we black people were supposed to give up our seats to the whites. But I didn’t move”, this is how it all started (Parks pg. 1). Rosa Parks was a hero because she made change in the civil-rights movement, compelled to end segregation.
Rosa Parks was an African-American women who was tired of being treated differently just because of her skin color. She was a very kind woman who fought against all the laws and segregation. Rosa was born in 1913 in Tuskegee, Alabama and died in 2005 in Detroit, Michigan (RM, plc. "Rosa (Louise McCauley) Parks"4). She did something that broke the law at the time but it changed this place and its keeps being an impact to everyone now in present days (Armentrout, DavidArmentrout, Patricia. "ALABAMA: Rosa Parks."1 ). She was on a Boycott bus on December 1, 1955 when the bus filled up and the African-Americans were supposed to give their seat up to the Americans but Rosa didn’t (Badertscher 1). She was 42 at this time so she knew what she was doing and she decided to do it anyways ("Rosa Parks"1). When she refused to give her seat up they ended up taking her to jail because she was breaking a law at the moment (Badertscher 7). She went to jail for something unfair, she was tired of getting no respect and treated like if she nobody or nothing in this world.
Parks refused to give up her seat in the bus because she was tired of giving her seat to American and being treated unfairly because of her skin color...

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...they should, this world wouldn’t be how it is if people spoke up for what they believed in.

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