American Government Vs Unitary Government

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What if the United States had decided to stay a unitary government instead of switching to a federalism type of government? What would our lives look like now, how would we act, or would there even be 50 states in the United States of America? The founding fathers declared their independence from a unitary government in England. Unitary government is a form of government that governs as a single structure, there is a central government that gives most or all of the orders. Many countries still fall under this form of government, it is something that hasn’t changed much over the passage of time. Unitary governments are like the king and parliament in most European countries, the orders come from the king and then are carried out by the local…show more content…
Different races need different things and have different mind sets, so a king or even parliament cannot know how to govern these areas without a representative from the area. “Large states cannot be run through unitary set-up for in unitary system the whole state powers are in the grip of central government that has no access to far-plunged rural areas.” (Farooq) Being able to govern and understand the people in your area is something that most kings or parliaments need to master to keep everything peachy…show more content…
Being able to have the local governments tell the national government what is happening in the area is something they need to know about. Unitary governments aren’t as personal as the local government can be, and they don’t really help the lower classes. Being able to have a federalism government is good for the United States because it protects the individual rights of the people better than the unitary government. Federalism also protects the citizens against destructive leaders, because of the checks and balances system we have in government it keeps all the branches of government equal and not one area will be the strongest. Another advantage is that the government is more responsive to the people’s needs and desires, with the United States being such a big country it would be hard for Obama to govern us in Utah the same way as people in New York are being governed. Being able have a choice is also an advantage of federalism, having a choice is a great American
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