Federalist Party Analysis

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The Federalist Party is the best choice over the Democratic – Republican Party. However; there are many flaws in the Federalist Party being the elite aristocrats, but every citizen desires for a strong united nation. Among our primary aims, national cohesiveness and unity lies at the core of the Federalist Party values. The above aims can only be achieved if a fiscal sound and nationalistic government is developed. Through it, the rule of law by the constitution is achieved. On the other hand, a nation cannot take pride in itself if it is unable to support itself economically. Because of this, the Federalist Party believes in the admonition of industrialization, which would lead to economic development. At this period where the abuse of power…show more content…
Most Federalist are elitist that own large amounts of land, educated and feel that they should govern to spare the republic from a democracy. Due to their education and experience with negotiations and treaties I feel that they are better suited to make decisions that will benefit the nation as a whole instead of each individual colony. With those in control that are educated and aware of the opportunities they can do what’s best for everyone by educating those that are unfamiliar with the opportunities that are available. A national government would strengthen the new nation as well as improve international trade for the benefit of all. This would not be possible with each colony being responsible for its own government without guidance. A strong national government relates to the economic development of the nation…show more content…
The three branches of the government necessary to prevent tyranny are necessary to ensure is a system of checks and balances in the governance to maintain as balance of power is maintained. Notably, the articles of the confederation are not adequate to realize a central government. One of the element that defines the Federalist Party is the Bill of rights. Overall, the Federalist Party only seeks to foster a cohesive nation that is both politically and economically strong. This is a necessity if the United States is to survive without interference from the other nations. We must survive. The ideals of the party are self-explanatory and the most appropriate to move the nation

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