American Dream Essay: The Root Of The American Dream

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The Root of the American Dream Every American has a different definition of the American Dream, and what has been at the root of the American Dream differs between each individual. A popular myth about the American Dream is that every citizen has an equal chance to achieve success and wealth with ease. An immigrant may have a different idea of what the American Dream means to them, whereas an American that was born in the states may not entirely see it in the same light. The same goes for Americans who had to claim refugee status to enter the country and for those who became Americans through forced migration. Some Americans may not believe the American Dream is tangible, while others may think the American Dream is denied to them and actively…show more content…
Wesley does a great job defining the American Dream, while tying in the Four Freedoms that President Roosevelt declared. The President at the time said they were four fundamental freedoms that people "everywhere in the world" ought to enjoy. Wesley states that African Americans have wanted what the other American citizens have wanted, freedom, equality, and opportunity, which defines the American Dream . “They wanted freedom of speech, [but] they were supposed to be silently acquiescent in all aspects of their life…” However, it has been difficult for African Americans to achieve the American Dream because it has been denied to them. Freedom from want is one of the things that Wesley mentioned, “However, the Negro has remained a marginal worker and the competition with white workers…” Deep hatred of “Americans of African ancestry” through racism made it impossible to have progress for Africans Americans. The American Dream would never be within their grasp, unless serious legal changes were made. During this time in history, the country made it clear that it wanted those four freedoms to be granted to people of color all around the world, but not to any people of color at home. “Will Great Britain and the United States specifically omit from the Four Freedoms their minorities and subject peoples?.” Wesley speaks for all of the minority groups in his passage in regards to the American Dream. People were willing to fight for the chance that one day they may be fortunate enough to live the American
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